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Volume 7: The Case Histories of Freud - Part 2 (1985)

Logos: The psychoanalytic discourse and its vicissitudes: the defence is the destiny

Oscar Zentner

"From 1979 to the present, the Papers of the Freudian School of Melbourne have been transmitting the transference of psychoanalytic work "in the field opened by Freud (which) restores the cutting edge of its truth." What would be the result of reading retroactively from today? An effect of discourse is the answer. The discourse of the School has produced effects. These effects are five: a. Foreclosure, b. Disavowal, c. Repression, d. Negation, e. Transmission / Transference." Read full Logos

Part 1: Homage to Freud—Clinical psychoanalysis

Estrangement: depersonalization and derealization as negatives of déjà vu and fausse reconnaissance
– Oscar Zentner

Elizabeth von R—her mask nevertheless reveals a hidden sense
– Gayle Paull

Truth and delusion in Schreber and Freud
– Rob Gordon

Freud’s discovery of the negative therapeutic reaction
– John Dingle

Che vuoi? or some remarks on anorexia nervosa
– María Inés Rotmiler de Zentner

Part 2: The Freudian Discourse

Topologerie: topology and psychoanalysis
– Juan David-Nasio

A key to en enigma
– Héctor Rúdopolo

The decoding of dreams: syntax and abstract signification
– Moustapha Safouan

The primary process in the dream
– Moustapha Safouan

In the border of the neurosis
– Isidoro Vegh

Lacanian Psychoanalytic Writings

The Papers of the Freudian School of Melbourne presents the written work of analysts and members of the School as well as contributions from analysts recognised, both within Australia and internationally, as being at the forefront of psychoanalytic theorisation from a Lacanian perspective.

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