Calendar of Events 2020 - The Freudian School of Melbourne
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Calendar of Events 2020

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Calendar of Events 2020

Homage to Lacan Conference: MADNESS ???

Annual Conference of the School: 5th September 2020

The school reengages this year with [the] questions which madness poses to us, in an ongoing appraisal of what a listening to the “martyrs” of language can produce when they testify with a truthfulness unobtainable from any other witness, no matter how reliably one might swear to tell their truth. The school invites others to engage in this work of questioning in response to the presentations by its membership.

Calendar of Events 2020

eCritique: New Writings 2019 - 2020

Electronic publication of the School

Throughout 2019, the Freudian School of Melbourne's electronic journal has undergone a significant renovation in format and presentation. Never really limited in itself to the generic defintions of a periodical, the letters of the School will continue to undertake the task of giving a testimony of psychoanalysis upon this digital platform of critical writings, or e-Critique.

Calendar of Events 2020

Seminars in 2020

The Seminars of the School continue in 2020

Read about the various theoretical and reading seminars being held by the School in 2020. This includes the School's Foundations of Psychoanalysis Seminar, which provides participants with a rigorous working of the fundamental concepts underpinning Freudian and Lacanian theory and clinical practice. It forms an important component of the theoretical aspect of the training of analysts and the ongoing work of the analysts of the school.